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WYW Block Zrt. produces materials for a wide range of construction technologies. In the production halls (16 000 m2, total) of WYW Block construction material factory polystyrene

light concrete products (e.g.: panels, granule), thin-walled steel profiles (U, C, Z, J) and roof trusses with nail plates are produced. We have set up a training center of 800 m2, where contractors can get to know the methods of using polystyrene light concrete. This way they can apply it properly during their work for instance, in many construction projects, insulation, fire protection, renovation of detached and attached houses, community buildings (nurseries, schools, gyms, etc.), agricultural buildings (refrigerated storage, animal husbandry facilities, etc.). The activities in the factory include R&D and innovation. We are looking for new, Eco-friendly and energy saving solutions, for example, production of construction material from recycled waste (plastic, EPS). To apply polystyrene light concrete in construction technologies, we need professional structure planning. We are constantly improving the planning solutions.


In addition to material production, training, R&D and structure planning, our company sells production lines and production know-how related to the technology outside Hungary.


NTA (NMÉ) no: A-37/2015

Features of polystyrene light concrete

Energy-saving - Our construction materials can be used to build energy-saving buildings (to achieve a certain energy rating ask for the help of a building energetics expert). What’s more, energy efficiency plays an important role in our production, too.


Durable - The durability of polystyrene light concrete rivals that of conventional concrete.


Eco-friendly - Polystyrene light concrete is Eco-friendly both in production and application, any waste created is reusable.


Healthy - polystyrene concrete provides thermal bridge free insulation, which prevents

mold growth.


Excellent fire safety - The 41 cm thick wall, made with steel load-bearing structure and

with the proper plaster, can achieve A1 fire safety classification, it is able to hold back fires

burning at 1 000 °C for 240 minutes.




We are looking for companies with Hungarian-speaking architectural designers to cooperate with.

Please, send your introduction to e-mail address.

We are looking for Hungarian-speaking contractors with experience in the construction industry to cooperate with.

Please, send your introduction to e-mail address.

The manufacturer of the construction set required for Löglen technology is WYW Block Zrt.,

the NMÉ numbered: A-51/2014, Product Conformity Certificates: 20-CPR-55-(C-31/2014),

20-CPR-56-(C-31/2014) can be viewed at website.



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